About Us


Ooh LaLa’s Bakery was founded by LaSonya “LaLa” Walton in Jackson, MS. LaLa has been baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes for almost 10 years now. Her inspiration and hard work came from her grandmother, Martha Craine-Young. Grandma Martha baked for plenty of people around the neighborhood just because (she still visits from time to time).  Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2013 and began to forget what to put in her recipes. That’s when LaLa learned tips and tricks from her grandmother while she was baking. Because Grandma Martha is known for being the sweetest person, LaLa wanted to present her customers with the experience of LIFE GIVING sweets just as her grandmother did.

In 2021, LaLa opened her first storefront! The mission at Ooh LaLa’s Bakery is to make cupcakes that create conversation. Our sweets are made to give people a reason to smile every day. You have no choice but to be filled with JOY. Here is where we know homemade never gets old. We specialize in satisfying customers with delicious cupcakes, brownies, custom cakes, wedding cakes, and other small treats!" Ooh LaLa’s Bakery has been voted one of the best desserts since 2018 in Jackson, MS. It just gets better from here. 

There is an ultimate purpose that God has given LaLa for Ooh LaLa's Bakery and the impact that this bakery has and will have on the community surrounding it.

Currently, Ooh LaLa’s Bakery is working on perfecting shipments to hundreds of customers throughout the United States. We are planning to partner with a private shipping company for the best shipping options for our delectable cupcakes.

What’s next for us? Our goal is to expand our storefronts into multiple states across the country. We would like to have a mobile business as well.

The world deserves to experience inspiration through sweets at Ooh LaLa’s Bakery.